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Taylor and Blake

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Near Pike Place Market, a restaurant named Ben Paris had just opened with high hopes for success. Blake was a goofy line cook and Taylor was a silly bartender and server. What began as friendly banter, and a bit of flirting, eventually blossomed into a beautiful friendship filled with Spanish Coffees, imitating accents and making fun of each other in them, burgers Blake wasn’t supposed to make Taylor, dish pit back rubs, and the almighty and shift saving walk-in chats. From then on they were inseparable, not including Baggins stealing Blake's place in bed at any opportunity. Six moves, five states, five countries, four years later… and these two ding dongs have decided they can't spend another year without being called husband and wife. So, put on something tight, and let's fiesta in one of their favorite places with their favorite people!

Big thanks to our parents, Debbie, Terry, and Lorri, for putting up with us our whole lives and for ensuring we have a kick ass wedding! Oh and also for those few times your adult children had to live with you while the world melted and we had nothing to do but play board games and drink wine! We love you so much and thank you for your support of our love and life together.